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Why we chose Python for Kids?

Today, there are so many programming languages to choose from and every one of them differs in ease-of-use, complexity, and application. If your kids are just starting to code, our number one piece of advise is that you select your language based on your child’s interests. But wherever possible, we strongly encourage you to select easy to learn languages.

The formula for our success is based upon finding a language that’s easy to learn, read, and use. In order to get kids interested in coding, the first programming language needs to be beginner-friendly, timeless, well-versed in good practices, and frequently used in the industry.

In our experience, no other language fits this criteria better than Python.

In this article, we list the top 5 reasons why Python is such a great starting programming language for kids who want to become future developers.

1. Python Programming is Perfect for Beginners

The hardest part of coding for beginners is understanding new ideas and concepts. Most computer languages, especially older ones like C, require a lot of textbook learning before the fun starts.

Unlike the majority of programming languages, Python’s syntax is concise and easily readable by humans. It mirrors the human language far better than any other programming language which makes it an ideal language for beginners. It just makes sense.

Writing code in Python is similar to writing commands in plain English. As beginners, kids will quickly pick up the basics and learn how to use this language for game development and animation.

2. It’s Easy to Set up

Programming environments can be difficult to set up, but with Python it’s a whole different story.

If you have Windows, this programming language can be installed in just 3 easy steps. If you’re using a different operating system, you may have to invest just a little more effort into the process.

CodeWhiz has taken this one step further, with providing a cloud based python IDE so the child can code and access their work from anywhere, anytime, without getting tied to one machine. And, they don’t have to worry about the installation and updating of the coding environment.

3. Python is Kid-Friendly

Python is great for kids.

It’s an amazing, text-based coding language, perfectly suited for children older than the age of 10.

With Python, youngsters can begin to transform their ideas into reality and there are a number of exciting resources that can help them do this.

For example, CodeWhiz offers a unique course (CodeWhiz Level 2) on the topic of Game Development with Python. It’s fun, highly-engaging, and perfect for kids.

4. The Demand for Python is Continually Growing

According to Stack Overflow, the largest and most trusted online community for coders, Python is the fastest-growing programming language of 2018.

If it maintains this rate, the Stack Overflow staff believes that by the end of 2019, Python will outpace other coding languages in terms of active use.

Python has been incorporated into the school curriculum in UK and is part of the GCSE Computer Science.

Python is also considered the language of choice for data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligent – all areas that are extremely in demand in our current economy.

5. Python is Here to Stay

As the above-mentioned statistics suggest, Python’s popularity will only continue to grow, and many experts believe that the language has staying power due to it power, simplicity, and the fact that enormous amounts of Python code within large projects will need development and maintenance for years to come.

Even though Python has changed and evolved over the years, the structure of the language still remains relatively intact. The same methods and functions from a decade ago are almost identical to the ones used today.

Once your kids pick up the basics of coding in Python, their skill will never become outdated.

While it may be too soon to start thinking about jobs for your kids – Python looks like it will be around for a long time, and starting salaries for Python-skilled programmers are some of the highest.

This language is used in a wide variety of businesses and industries
today. Google, Instagram, Dropbox, YouTube, Quora – all of these tech giants were primarily written in Python. Google especially loves Python and uses it for a wide range of purposes (e.g. cloud storage).

All of these brands praise Python as a programming language and are on a constant lookout for more Python coders to come work for them.

When the big players love you, it’s only a matter of time when others will follow.

We have designed and structured our CodeWhiz program, for Python, to take your child from a coding novice to a competent coder, while learning the key transferrable skills like problem solving, communication and collaboration.