Our Program Features

CodeWhiz Program offers evening and weekend coding classes for kids of age 11 to 18 years. Our classes are delivered live with instructors and students online at the same time. Students see, hear and interact with the instructor in real-time. Our unique approach combines the benefits of teacher-led instruction with the ease and convenience of online classrooms.

Benefits of Unique and Effective CodeWhiz Program

Time Saving for Parents

Our classes don’t require travel, making it convenient for busy families. Child can attend class from home or from anywhere with a good internet connection. Parents avoid all the hassle and time commitment of driving their child to a physical location. Parents also get total peace of mind that their child is learning from home without having to worry about who they are with or what they are learning!

Online Coding Platform

Your child will be learning and practicing coding on our online cloud-based coding platform. It has the power of a tool that professionals use while still being accessible to kids. It provides a clutter-free, intuitive yet sophisticated programming environment for your child. Through our coding platform, our instructors can view students code in real time and offer direction and encouragement when needed.

Class Recordings for Revision

We record every class as it is delivered. Shortly after the class is over, these recordings and the class notes become available to the students . These recordings and notes make it easy for students to have another look at the material or catch up on a missed class.

Real-World Programming

We teach programming, not just programming concepts. Your child learns how to code using real-world languages like Python, JavaScript, HTML etc. These are languages used today to build all the software around us. Learning these languages is a good next step if your child has been enjoying Scratch, Minecraft, Code.org and wants a more structured coding education.

Well-Structured Program

CodeWhiz Program is a comprehensive program that teaches kids how to actually code. It is not a one-time camp or an isolated online course. The child will start with the basics of programming and gradually developing the problem solving mentality along with the much important coding skills, through the well-structured course which includes multiple projects and assignments to reinforce learning. By the end of our program, students will have mastered a broad range of coding skills to bring their ideas to life.

Hands-On, Interactive Classes

Your child learns by doing. 70% of class time is dedicated to writing code and building things. By the end of each class your child will have created, improved, or expanded a computer application. Throughout class, our instructors would be continuously checking-in with students, reviewing their code and encouraging them to ask questions.

Project-Based Learning

Our entire teaching approach follows the well-proven and most effective project based learning method. We package every programming concept within an exciting project. In every class, students get motivated to build these fun, interesting projects mastering the coding concept along the way. It also gives them a finished working project that they would be excited to share with parents and friends.

Regular Child Progress Updates

We provide regular updates to parents about their child’s progress and performance. You will learn about the topics taught, the quality of work turned in for that period, and the topics and assignments for upcoming weeks. You are always kept informed about what your child is learning and how they are progressing.

Certificate of Completion

At the end of each 12-week course students are assigned a capstone project that incorporates all the skills learned during that course. Every student who successfully completes this capstone project receives a certificate of completion, recognizing the skills they’ve learned and the level of mastery they’ve achieved.